Who would think that the 5L container you see on this page has come full circle from curb-side recycling to cleaning product container and that it can be recycled yet again? When packaging ends up as waste the energy and resource that goes into making it is also thrown away – not with this container.

Continuing a commitment of strong environmental initiatives, Chemical Solutions has converted it’s popular Kemsol Green range to 100% kerbside recycled containers.

The new 5L containers are derived from clear plastic milk bottles which are collected in large bales from recycle depots around New Zealand. The flattened bottles are put through a chipper at the plastic recycler which also removes labels and thoroughly washes the plastic.

The well-cleaned chips, which can have a slight tint due to the coloured caps of the recycled milk bottles, are then manufactured into the containers that hold our Kemsol Green range.

The whole process is completed in New Zealand reducing the need to transport imported plastic over thousands of kilometres. It also requires less packaging which is a key contributor to waste in the cleaning industry.

You can identify the recycled and recyclable Kemsol Green containers by the 100% Kerbside Recycled and 100% Kiwi Made messages embossed on the sides.

We don’t just talk Green, we believe green cleaning embraces the whole process, and this is one more initiative in a continual drive to increase our environmental performance. Through our activities, products and processes, we sustainably source raw materials, use food-safe dyes and use biodegradable formulations.

As proof of our good environmental performance, we have the NZ Environmental Choice tick on our Kemsol Green products.