As we have descended the Covid-19 Levels its time to discover what the “new normal” is. The customer awareness of health and hygiene in the public is at a all time high. Therefore, it should also be a priority for your business that serves them. Maintaining a clean environment for your customer experience in this era of online reviews is paramount. Below are a few tips to help implement cleaning standards that will improve the experience of your customers which will positively impact your business.  

1)     Set the mark for clean in your store

Cleanliness is a vital part of brand/store image and should not be forgotten about when deciding on the experience a customer has when visiting your establishment. A standard should be set and needs to have a focus on the parts of your store that can have a positive effect on the customers experience. This brings a focus to entrances, floors and especially restrooms. Those that have a food component will also need to focus on counters, tables and prep areas visible to customers.

2)   Develop Your Cleaning Plan

Once you have the key areas identified, you must put together a plan featuring products and methods that will help you meet your business’s standard of clean. Working with a manufacturer can help you identify the best practices and products for your needs. It will also help to make sure that you are meeting any government regulations and standards. A good manufacturer can also help you meet any green or environmental initiatives with their selection of products. 

3)   Train Your Staff

Unless you outsource your cleaning, staff will most likely be the key ones carrying out your plan along with their duties. Even if you outsource staff should still be able to maintain things during the business day. The products being used can be hazardous to health if used inappropriately or without the right personal protective equipment (PPE). A variety of online and in-person trainings can be developed by your manufacturer to ensure your staff is well informed on the best practices and safety measures they need to be aware of.

4)   Document and Monitor

 You should make sure your plan is being followed. Using checklists and schedules will help to enforce and document the expectations and frequencies decided upon. In this post covid-19 era some customers will want to know what is being done to help secure their health in your establishment so think about creative ways you can inform them about the steps you have taken. Overtime the data you collect can be used to re-evaluate your program and make changes when necessary.  

With these suggestions you can enforce a positive brand image and customer experience. The Kemsol team are here to help support you in putting together the best cleaning plan for your business. Our expert account managers have vast technical knowledge to enable safe chemical practices at your business. Get in touch with us at